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Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Learn how the reverse shoulder replacement procedure helps stabilize and restore function in patients with rotator cuff injuries.

Physical Therapy Using Prism

Learn about the Prism device which helps train patients to walk again after experiencing surgery, trauma or other conditions during physical therapy.
Diabetic Symptoms in Feet

Diabetic Symptoms in Feet

If your "dogs are barking," it could mean more than just ill-fitting footwear. Your sore, aching, burning or peeling feet can be a warning...

Treating Postmenopausal Discomfort

Learn about genital urinary syndrome, which causing itching and irritation in many women during and after menopause, and describes ways to treat it.

Benefits of Dry Needling Therapy

Learn how dry needling therapy, a physical therapy treatment option, can help relieve muscle pain and headaches at Baptist Health LaGrange.