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Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer: How and Why to Get Tested

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are tumor suppressor genes that play a role in protecting from breast and ovarian cancer.  As a result, women who have...
treating depression

Common Treatment Options for Depression

Depression is a common but serious illness that causes ongoing feelings of sadness and loss of interest in activities that a person previously enjoyed. Unlike temporary...

Surgical Options for Breast Cancer

Baptist Health Louisville surgeon William Hoagland, describes two surgical ways to treat breast cancer – breast-conserving therapy and mastectomy.

How to Prevent Pneumonia

The lung infection, while treatable, is a leading cause of death in Kentucky for those over age 65, and globally among children under five. Late...

Psoriasis: Causes, Self-Care and a New Treatment

Psoriasis is a chronic, incurable skin condition that produces thick, scaly areas of skin known as plaques. It is not contagious, and may flare...