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Frozen Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert, originally made with mascarpone cheese filling laced with espresso sauce and chocolate. This frozen version uses low-fat ice...

6 Tips on Tackling the Time Change With a Toddler

As if getting toddlers into a good sleep routine wasn’t hard enough, the end of daylight-saving time can add an extra element to the...

Sprained Ankle Treatment in Louisville

Baptist Health treats patients like athletes in order to help them recover more quickly from their ankle sprains. Discover our methods for treating sprained ankles by encouraging ankle movement through stretches and exercises.
rosemary chicken strips

Recipe: Rosemary Chicken Strips

Kids are right about at least one thing: Chicken fingers rock. But the breading and frying isn’t great for anyone trying to eat healthfully....

Five Causes of Post-Nasal Drip

Post-nasal drip is a common condition that happens when mucus from the back of your nose thickens and drips down into your throat. When...