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Strawberry Ginger Refresher

Craving a refreshing porch-sippin smoothie? Plenty of reasons to love the strawberry ginger refresher .. and we can almost guarantee you’ll be making some...

4 Tips for Fall Allergies

  Ragweed pollen is a major trigger of fall allergies. Besides ragweed pollen, mold spores from piles of damp leaves can also thrive in the...

6 Healthy Gift Ideas for September Birthdays

September is the most common birthday month in the U.S. Here are some simple (and healthy) gift ideas: Yoga mat. People should replace their...
Leela Bhupalam, MD Louisvillevideo

Scalp Cooling Treatment to Prevent Hair Loss in Chemotherapy Patients

Baptist Health uses advanced scalp cooling treatments to prevent chemotherapy induced hair loss. Learn more about scalp cooling devices for cancer patients, including those with breast cancer.

Peripheral Artery Disease Treatments in Corbin

Discover the treatments for Peripheral Artery and Vascular Disease, both early onset, and life-limiting symptoms. Baptist Health offers outpatient services, same-day procedures, and blockage prevention treatments.