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Knee Replacement Surgery in La Grange

Watch a patient's story of how recent advances in knee replacement surgery impacted his experience. Baptist Health offers new advances in knee replacement surgery in order to improve the procedure and encourage faster recovery for patients.
6 Things to Know About Backyard Chickens

6 Things to Know About Backyard Chickens

You don’t have to be a farmer anymore to raise chickens. Keeping these birds in urban and suburban backyards has become popular in recent...

Heart-Healthy Caramel Apple Cake

Serves: 8 Ingredients: 1/4 c. brown sugar 2 T. butter or margarine 1 small Granny Smith or other tart apple, peeled and sliced 1 T. cinnamon 3/4 c. all-purpose flour,...

Discover what you’re eating

For one day, think about everything you eat. Count your calories. Track the time you spend eating. Read the ingredients. To improve your diet...

The Well Woman Exam – OB/GYN

A well-woman exam is done by your OB/GYN, including a clinical breast exam, pap smear, and more. Learn about the current guidelines for women's health.