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Heart Health Action Plan

Heart disease is nothing to take lightly  - it's the No. 1 killer of both men and women. But fortunately, there are things you...

Start the Month Off Right By Exercising

If you practice a good habit for 30 days straight, you are more likely to follow it for a long time. So start this...

Preventing Stroke Using TCAR

Learn about TCAR and how it reverses blood flow in the artery, protecting the brain from stroke while surgeons implant a stent.

Lifesaving Trauma Surgery

Trauma surgery changed Edward Frye's life after he suffered brain and facial injuries in a traumatic car accident. He was treated at Baptist Health Paducah.

New Medications after a Heart Attack in Lexington

Dr. Robert Sawyer, MD discusses advances in medication for patients who've suffered a heart attack. Learn more about post heart attack medication with this video from Baptist Health Lexington.