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Baptist Health Virtual Care

Introducing Baptist Health Virtual Care

Sick, and short on time? Receive care and treatment from a provider via your mobile device or computer. Think you may have the flu? Been...
heat rash

What is Heat Rash and How is it Treated?

Heat rash is a condition in which blocked pores result in perspiration being trapped under the skin. Also known as miliaria and prickly heat,...

Dealing with Sleep Disorders

Neurologist Daniel Lee describes the best treatments for sleep disorders, the importance of a good night’s rest and how a sleep study works. Watch Health Talks video.

Mammograms: Know When to Go

Major medical organizations debate the exact age, but Angela Moore, MD, doesn’t share the confusion. The medical director of Baptist Health Breast Imaging in Lexington...
health tips for teens

Healthy Teenage Lifestyle Tips

For parents, helping a child make the transition into their teens in a healthy and positive way can be challenging. Nevertheless, it is important...