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5 Ways to slow osteoporosis

Many people consider osteoporosis to be a normal, unavoidable part of aging. But it is preventable, and the steps you take now — no...

Maternal Fetal Telemedicine

Obstetrician Kelley Clark discusses maternal fetal telemedicine, providing women with specialty care for their high-risk pregnancies via remote ultrasounds and live, on-screen consultations.
common myths about allergies

Common Myths About Respiratory Allergies

Respiratory allergies have been widely studied, and allergists and other healthcare providers know a great deal about their causes and effective treatments. However, many...

Treating Coronary Artery Disease

Paducah Cardiologist Michael Faulkner, MD describes the risk factors and symptoms of coronary artery disease. Watch Health Talks video.

Common Types of Hernias

Hernias are very common. They occur when an internal organ bulges through weak muscle. Men, women and children can all be affected by hernias,...