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The Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Weight

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops briefly and then resumes during sleep. There are two main types of...

Compassionate Cancer Care

Swati Yalamanchi, MD, describes the benefits of receiving cancer treatment close to home from Baptist Health Corbin. Learn about the difference a compassionate, customized cancer treatment plan can make on your health.
hepatitis a

2018 Hepatitis A Outbreak in Kentucky

The Kentucky Department for Public Health has identified an outbreak of hepatitis A in several counties, including Jefferson County. It is recommended that residents in Jefferson, Bullitt,...

Surgical Treatment for Scoliosis

Scoliosis can be treated through surgery instead of wearing a brace. Learn more about the surgical treatment option for scoliosis.

Pulmonary Embolisms: Diagnosis & Treatments

Pulmonary Embolisms, or clots in the pulmonary arteries, can be diagnosed in many ways as the signs for pulmonary embolisms can vary from patient to patient. Learn more about pulmonary embolism diagnosis and treatment at Baptist Health, including pioneering research on catheter-based treatment.