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Breast Cancer Treatment and Removal Surgery in Corbin, Kentucky

Baptist Health uses advanced medicine in breast cancer removal surgery to proactively prevent the spread of breast cancer. Learn more about the process and types of breast cancer treatment surgery from Baptist Health Corbin.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Learn the advantages of using minimally invasive surgery, which include less pain after surgery and a more productive recovery at Baptist Health Lexington.
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Keeping Up on Cancer Screenings

They say you shouldn't treat doctors' offices like repair shops, waiting until there's something wrong before you go in. Staying on top of your...

Breast Cancer Myths

Do you know the answers to these breast cancer myths? While there is no one definitive cause of breast cancer, some factors raise your...

Technological Advances in Neurology

Find out how telehealth physicians evaluate patients for neurology conditions using video monitors, providing urgent specialty care in rural areas.