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Skin Tag Questions Answered

Skin tags can be alarming and unsightly. Many people with skin tags erroneously believe they may be something more serious — such as warts...
mammogram prep

Preparing for a Mammogram

Getting a mammogram takes less time than the average coffee break. And, for one in every eight U.S. women who will develop breast cancer,...

Debunking 6 Heart Disease Myths with Facts

Heart disease is incredibly common — more than 1 in 10 American adults has been diagnosed, and it’s the leading cause of death. It’s...

Oral Care & Healthy Hearts?

Physicians far and wide agree that heart health begins with not smoking, eating a balanced diet, staying active and managing your weight. But does...
Leela Bhupalam, MD Louisvillevideo

Scalp Cooling Treatment to Prevent Hair Loss in Chemotherapy Patients

Baptist Health uses advanced scalp cooling treatments to prevent chemotherapy induced hair loss. Learn more about scalp cooling devices for cancer patients, including those with breast cancer.