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Cancer University

Cancer University: Educating and Empowering YOU

If you have ever cringed at the C word, cried in fear or memory of its impact, fearfully anticipated a scan, or simply wanted...

Cardiovascular Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Age, weight and family history are all known factors for a heart attack, but there are other, less obvious situations that can put even...

Extensor Tendonitis vs. Stress Fractures in the Foot

Two of the most common causes of foot pain are extensor tendonitis and stress fractures. The similarities between these conditions can make it difficult...
what does skin cancer look like

Understanding What Skin Cancer Looks Like Can Save Your Life

The most common form of cancer, skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of skin cells. It occurs when the DNA of skin cells is...

Art to Promote Healing

Baptist Health Richmond displays the works of local artists in the hospital to encourage patients, families and staff.