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Recognizing the Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease in women can be harder to detect as symptoms experience are often mild. Learn more about the symptoms of heart disease in women, how to detect them, and the best action to take for the best outcome.

Preventative Health For Men

Baptist Health Louisville family physician Jesse Jenkins advises men to take advantage of preventative health, by seeing a doctor regularly.
Prevention and Treatments for Dementia

Prevention and Treatments for Dementia

Dementia isn’t a specific disease. It’s a term for a set of symptoms associated with decreased memory and declining cognitive skills that are serious...

Different Types of Headaches

Everyone has had a headache. The causes of some are easy to place: hangover, sinus infection, allergies, caffeine withdrawal, fever or hunger. These are...

Compassionate Cancer Care

Learn the different cancer care treatment options for breast cancer, including lumpectomy, radiation and mastectomy.