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What are the Differences Between Celiac Disease and a Gluten Allergy?

What is Gluten and Who Should Avoid It? Celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity (also referred to as a gluten allergy) are two different conditions...

Surgical Options for Breast Cancer

Baptist Health Louisville surgeon William Hoagland, describes two surgical ways to treat breast cancer – breast-conserving therapy and mastectomy.
signs of bone cancer

Bone Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Bone cancer is a tumor of the bone. It is malignant (cancerous) and destroys normal bone tissue. Bone cancer that starts on the bone...

New Heart Valve Clinic

Cardiac surgeon Wayne Lipson explains how heart valve disease develops and how Baptist Health provides comprehensive treatment in its Heart Valve Clinic.

Physical Therapy Using Prism

Learn about the Prism device which helps train patients to walk again after experiencing surgery, trauma or other conditions during physical therapy.