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The Gentle C-Section

Learn about the gentle c-section that allows parents to experience immediate bonding with their baby that you don’t experience with a regular cesarean.
Occupational Medicine

What is an Occupational Medicine Clinic?

The field of occupational medicine (sometimes referred to as occupational and environmental medicine) is a specialty area within preventative medicine that focuses on the...

Hypothyroidism & Six Foods to Avoid

Hypothyroidism is the result of an underactive thyroid, meaning your thyroid gland under produces important hormones your body needs. This condition causes an imbalance...

Minimally Invasive Back Pain Treatment

Find out how minimally invasive procedures, such as radio frequency ablation, are used to provide relief to those with severe back pain.

6 Tips to Avoid Holiday Headaches

Between the shopping, the cooking and the decorating, does holiday stress make your head throb? These tips may help you avoid holiday headaches: Stick...