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6 Health Benefits of Beets

The food we commonly refer to as the “beet” is beetroot, the taproot portion of the beet plant. Enjoy the health benefits of beets...

Skip the Nighttime Heartburn

Maybe you ate or drank too much while watching the big game? Or maybe you just get heartburn more often at night? Nearly eight...

Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment

Oncologist Carrie Scharf, MD discusses advanced stereotactic body radiation therapy: a faster, more efficient way to target cancerous tumors, sparing healthy tissue.

4 Sources of Holiday Stress

There are numerous well-known sources of holiday stress - too much work, too many calories, too many guests, too many miles to travel, too...
Emergency or Urgent Care

The Difference Between Urgent Care & the ER

When you’re worried about your health, you want answers now. However, there are conditions that require prompt medical attention but are not emergencies. It’s...