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The Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery Options in Louisville

Learn about the benefits of bariatric surgery by watching this patient's story of how weight loss surgery saved his life. Baptist Health Louisville offers new advances in weight loss surgery options and procedures.

Relieving Knee Pain

Learn about relieving knee pain, including how knee replacement can help if other treatments for pain aren't effective.

Speech Problems & Impairments After a Stroke

Being able to communicate with your parents and grandparents is essential to affirm the love and admiration that you have for one another.  However,...
Can Women Get Prostate Cancer?

Can Women Have Prostate Cancer?

Most people are aware that men can develop prostate cancer, but can women have prostate cancer? The answer is, “Yes, sort of.” While women don’t...

Screening for Lung Cancer

Learn about how lung cancer screenings help catch cancer when it's more treatable and who is eligible for the low-dose CT screenings.