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Build a Healthier Easter Basket

Easter doesn't have to be synonymous with big baskets full of candy. This year fill your child’s Easter basket with fun and healthy treats,...

Detecting and Treating Stroke

La Grange doctors John Melton and Ryan Smith explain why “minutes matter” when it comes to stroke, and describe stroke symptoms and treatment. Watch video.
rosemary chicken strips

Recipe: Rosemary Chicken Strips

Kids are right about at least one thing: Chicken fingers rock. But the breading and frying isn’t great for anyone trying to eat healthfully....

6 Heart Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Heart Disease Prevention

You already know that good heart health is crucial to you and your family. But during the rush of the day, it's easy to...

Brain Workout RX

Technically, your brain isn't a muscle, but it doesn't hurt to think of it as one. Just as we lift weights to make our...