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Allergy Testing & Treatment

Primary care physician David Williams, MD, Baptist Health Corbin, discusses the importance of testing for allergies and the benefits of finding appropriate preventive treatments before...

Why Do I Have Heartburn?

Feeling the burn is great when you’re running or lifting weights. Not so much when you’re trying to sleep. But that’s what heartburn feels...
E-cigarettes, a safer smoke?

E-cigarettes, a safer smoke?

You've probably seen someone using an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette. The giveaway if that a cloud of steam that puffs up versus smoke. Use...

Diabetes Management at Joslin Diabetes Center

Learn about the different types of diabetes and how Baptist Health Floyd's Joslin Diabetes center can help you with your diabetes management.

Avoid Breathing Problems When It’s Hot

The 3 H's of summer - heat, haze and humidity - make it difficult for many folks to breath: the very young or old...