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Survive the Stress of a Short Work Week

Three-day weekends are awesome, but here’s the downside: You have to get five days of work done in four. That can send your stress...
cancer screenings

Keeping Up on Cancer Screenings

They say you shouldn't treat doctors' offices like repair shops, waiting until there's something wrong before you go in. Staying on top of your...

Treatment to Reduce Damage During a Heart Attack

Seeking heart attack treatment as soon as possible is critical to preserving heart tissue. Learn more about how to take action after a heart attack to prevent further damage.

Mustard Pepper Chicken Paninis

Great panini sandwiches are easy to make when you have good tools. If you don't have a panini maker, use a skillet and a...

Screening for Prostate Cancer

Baptist Health Corbin doctor Raymond Hackett discusses the annual prostate exam, emphasizing the importance of detecting prostate cancer early.