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How to Make Yourself Eat Slower

Americans spend an average of just 1 hour and 10 minutes a day eating and drinking. If you eat three meals a day and...

The Importance of Vaccines

Learn about vaccine safety and the importance of vaccines in preventing outbreaks of diseases such as influenza, measles and whooping cough.

Asparagus, Chicken & Pasta Stir Fry

Looking for a light, yet filling, meal? Try this delicious pasta stir fry; it's chock-full of protein and low in sodium. Ingredients: 10-12 oz. chicken...

The Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery Options in Louisville

Learn about the benefits of bariatric surgery by watching this patient's story of how weight loss surgery saved his life. Baptist Health Louisville offers new advances in weight loss surgery options and procedures.
6 Things to Know About Backyard Chickens

6 Things to Know About Backyard Chickens

You don’t have to be a farmer anymore to raise chickens. Keeping these birds in urban and suburban backyards has become popular in recent...