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Recognizing the Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease in women can be harder to detect as symptoms experience are often mild. Learn more about the symptoms of heart disease in women, how to detect them, and the best action to take for the best outcome.

Treating Postmenopausal Discomfort

Learn about genital urinary syndrome, which causing itching and irritation in many women during and after menopause, and describes ways to treat it.
Am I Experiencing An Anxiety Or Panic Attack? Tips To Cope.

How Are Panic Attacks and Anxiety Attacks Different?

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and panic disorder have common symptoms, like excessive worry, but they are separate and distinct mental health conditions. If you...

7 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Tired? You Might Be Guilty of One of These 7 Sleep Sins Are you a tosser and a turner? A stare-at-the-ceiling fretter? Do you walk...

Heart Rate Myths Debunked

Understanding your heart health and risks starts with knowing the facts. There are a lot of misconceptions about elevated heart rate; three of the...