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The Importance of Well-Baby Visits

Pediatrician Sarah Thayer, MD, discusses well-child visit guidelines, including the importance of well-baby visits, what to expect during the examination, and how often to bring your child in to see the doctor.
Winter indoor exercise options

Diabetes and Cold Weather – How To Exercise and Stay Warm

Exercise helps muscles effectively take up glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream, which is why it's so valuable in controlling diabetes. However, braving the elements...
common myths about allergies

Common Myths About Respiratory Allergies

Respiratory allergies have been widely studied, and allergists and other healthcare providers know a great deal about their causes and effective treatments. However, many...

Surgical Treatment for Scoliosis

Scoliosis can be treated through surgery instead of wearing a brace. Learn more about the surgical treatment option for scoliosis.

Benedictine Pinwheel Sandwiches

Benedictine is a southern staple, invented right here in Kentucky. Traditionally, it is filled with heavy cream cheese, mayonnaise and food coloring. But this...