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Cancer University

Cancer University: Educating and Empowering YOU

If you have ever cringed at the C word, cried in fear or memory of its impact, fearfully anticipated a scan, or simply wanted...

5 Foods for Folic Acid

If women consumed the recommended
 amount of folic acid before and during early pregnancy, up to 70 percent
 of birth defects such as spina...

Sports Drinks and Tooth Decay

Tooth decay isn't a sports injury the way a sprained ankle is, but for young athletes hoping a drink can improve performance and energy...
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What are the Stages of Cancer?

The fact that you have a serious illness is never welcome news. But, receiving a cancer diagnosis may be one of the most disconcerting...

Backyard Health Risks

Is your warm weather oasis an accident waiting to happen? Review the following areas of potential health risks and fix them now. Dangerous grill placement....