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What Are The Differences Between CT Scans vs. MRIs?

CT scans (short for “computed tomography” and sometimes called a “CAT scan”) and MRI scans (from “magnetic resonance imaging”) are common ways to produce...
Smoking Cessation

What is Smoking Cessation?

Smoking cessation is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking. It can take many forms, including counseling, behavior therapy, medication and gradual weaning using nicotine-containing...

2019 Flu Season So Far

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 15.4 to 17.8 million people have experienced the flu so far this season, compared to...

Stroke Prevention with the Watchman Device in Paducah

The Watchman device works to reduce the risk of stroke by treating atrial fibrillation without using blood thinners. Learn more about the Watchman procedure and how it works to prevent strokes.

Maternal Fetal Telemedicine

Obstetrician Kelley Clark discusses maternal fetal telemedicine, providing women with specialty care for their high-risk pregnancies via remote ultrasounds and live, on-screen consultations.