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Health Benefits of Cocoa

Chocolate – or cocoa – while delicious, isn’t a cure-all, but a recent study suggests that it can help keep you mentally sharp. Seniors who...
Poison Ivy Treatment

Poison Ivy Treatment: Home Remedies to Alleviate Itching

Poison ivy rash is a skin irritation caused by the body’s allergic reaction to the oil on the leaves, stems and roots of the...

Preventing and Treating Sports Injuries

Orthopedic surgeon Thomas Cervoni discusses ways to prevent and treat sports injuries, including minimally invasive options and physical therapy. Watch Health Talks video.
How Do Antihistamines Work?

How Do Antihistamines Work?

Most people have heard the name but can’t necessarily provide a detailed answer to the question, “What is an antihistamine?”. Antihistamines are medications used...
fertility treatments

What Are The Different Types of Fertility Treatments?

A common problem in the U.S., infertility is generally defined as the inability to conceive after a year or longer of unprotected sex. Because...