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Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer

Certain factors can make a woman more likely to get cervical cancer, a disease that is easy to prevent and treat when caught early....

Fall Prevention

This time of year it’s enjoyable to go outside and see the leaves falling off of the trees in preparation for Winter.  With the...

Healthy Resolutions You’ll Keep

We've all made live-healthier declarations at the start of the new year. The problem is, most of the time, they're just too grand. Big...

Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

Maintain weight loss can be difficult, but it's possible with a smart and practical plan in place. Bariatric surgeon and patient Paige Quintero provides nine ways to keep the weight off through healthy diet choices and regular exercise.

The Heart Murmur Clinic in Paducah

Dr. Nicholas Lopez III discusses what a heart murmur is, the types of heart murmurs you may encounter, and how the heart clinic at Baptist Health Paducah helps with your recovery.