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Why You Should Get the Flu Shot While Pregnant

To the list of do’s and don’ts for pregnancy, add another “do:” get a flu shot. “I advise all pregnant women in any trimester to...
Pregnancy Nutrition

Prenatal Nutrition During Pregnancy (Infographic)

Staying healthy during pregnancy can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Monitoring physical and hormonal changes, exercising, doctor visits and, of course, eating right...

Is It Foot Extensor Tendonitis Or A Foot Stress Fracture?

Two of the most common causes of foot pain are extensor tendonitis and stress fractures. The similarities between these conditions can make it difficult...

Brain Food: Mediterranean Diet

The tastiest way to prevent a stroke? Go Mediterranean. When it comes to food, "the Mediterranean diet may reduce stroke risk," said Alex Abou-Chebl,...

Relieving Knee Pain

Learn about relieving knee pain, including how knee replacement can help if other treatments for pain aren't effective.