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Four Common Myths about Statin Drugs

Physicians prescribe statins to patients at risk of heart disease for their ability to lower cholesterol levels in the blood by blocking the liver...
fibroids pain

Fibroids: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Uterine fibroids are common non-cancerous growths in the uterus that range in size from tiny and undetectable to the human eye to large masses...

Garlic Can Help Boost Health

There’s a common item, probably hanging in your kitchen or sitting in your cabinet right now, that is full of great health benefits. Garlic...

5 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Whether you are playing competitively, for your health or just for fun, tennis has great benefits for the mind and body. Here are some...

Breast Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography)

Molly Hester, MD discusses the importance of breast tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography, and how the ACS recommends that all women age 40 and over should have an annual mammogram.