Team-Based Approach to Primary Care in Paducah

Baptist Health Paducah: Team-Based Approach to Primary Care

Baptist Health’s team-based healthcare ensures that patients are optimally supported in their healthcare journeys. Learn more about how patients benefit from having a primary care team.

Team-Based Approach to Primary Care HealthTalks Transcript

Robert Learch, DO
A primary care physician serves many purposes. Obviously, people think of being sick and needing to have someone to see in a time of illness, but maybe even more important than that are the wellness and preventive services we are able to provide in the primary care setting. Getting to know your doctor will always set you up better for those times down the road when you may not be as healthy as you are today.

We’re a practice of two physicians. We have two nurse practitioners working with us as well.

Keisha Snow, APRN
Nurse practitioners can provide a little bit quicker access. Physicians usually book up months in advance. We usually have a little bit more flexibility. We can do almost everything a physician can do and if we can’t, we can at least get you into the office, get you established and get your healthcare on the right track to see a physician the next time.

Suzanne Irvan, APRN
What you will see in this practice is we have an outstanding continuity of care. We see all the same patients. You may see Dr. Learch on one visit and Keisha or myself on another visit. After we see patients, we frequently talk about, “Well, this happened with this patient today,” so we’re all aware of what’s going on with all of the patients.

Dr. Learch
Our goal is to provide a team-based approach so there are multiple sets of eyes on each patient, and we can provide excellent care for people as they go through life.

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