The Medical Residency

Baptist Health Madisonville: The Medical Residency

Diana Nims, MD, discusses Madisonville’s family medicine residency program, which attracts students from across the country for training in providing primary care in rural areas.

The Medical Residency HealthTalks Transcript

Diana Nims, MD, Associate Director, Family Medicine Residency
Our residency program was the first family medicine residency in Kentucky. We were developed to meet the needs of rural Kentuckians for primary care physicians, so we attract people from all over the country that are interested in rural practice. And our goal is to place them back in a rural place for practice.

Austin Beck, MD, Family Medicine Resident
I’m actually a western Kentucky boy, born and raised. This is where I grew up; these are the people I’m comfortable with, and these are the people I’ve always wanted to take care of. So, when I had the opportunity to train in an area that I wanted to live, it made the decision very easy to stay close to home, as well as get a fantastic education that will take care of my patients for years to come.

Dr. Nims
The residents have all graduated from medical school. They’re in post-graduate training, and that means that they have supervised practice, so that we let them independently go and see patients, and they build a practice. These patients are considered “their” patients, but they have another set of eyes that’s looking upon them to make sure that we’re getting educational points, that we’re following current evidence-based guidelines for them. But, we really let them kind of run the show, with guidance. Patients get very attached to their physician because that is their doctor. The patients get very sad at the end of it. They bring gifts for the residents. Some people get upset that they’re here for three years and leave. At the same time, we keep a lot of graduates around, too.

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