Transitional Care Unit


Baptist Health Madisonville: The Transitional Care Unit

Medical Director Mont Wood, MD, and the transitional care team talk about how Baptist Health Madisonville prepares patients to return home after a hospital stay.

Transitional Care Unit HealthTalks Transcript

Carolyn Brown, PT:
TCU stands for transitional care. That’s exactly how we use it. It’s a transition. It’s a transition from inpatient, back to home, or back to some other facility. The average length of stay here is usually about two weeks.

Mont Wood, MD, Medical Director TCU:
They are working up to three hours a day with the therapist. There are multiple groups working with them. They’ll have the physical therapists work with them, when appropriate, the occupational therapist work with them, when appropriate. If they’ve got issues with cognition or trouble swallowing, they have the speech therapy folks come work with them as well.

Susan Culbertson, COTA/L:
Occupational therapy is a therapy that is primarily focused on functional ability. In occupational therapy we look at your ability to perform your daily life tasks, such as anywhere from bathing, dressing, cooking a meal, or caring for a pet.

Beth Crouch, MS, CCC-SLP:
We want to rehabilitate people back to what they were prior to coming into the hospital. If that requires just some general orientation to their new situation and environment, it might be two or three days. If it’s somebody that’s having more significant issues then we might work with them their entire stay on TCU and we might recommend that when they leave TCU, they continue to have therapy, either home health or outpatient basis.

Dr. Wood:
It makes me and the entire team feel very good to see these people able to go home and be more independent.