Traveling with a Newborn

Whether it’s a long-weekend getaway, a special event or a holiday trip, traveling with a newborn can present many challenges. Here are a few helpful tips to make your trip a little less stressful:

Traveling by Car

  • Secure the seat. Make sure your baby’s car seat is the right size and that it’s properly installed. Only 80 percent of child safety seats are installed correctly.
  • Time your trip. Drive when it’s most likely your baby will sleep for the duration of the trip (nap time or bed time, if possible).

Stay in the shade. Protect your baby from the sun with a sunshade. Attach it to the car seat or a window.

  • Bring along a bag. Keep a small bag of baby essentials near you at all times. Include a small bottle, a pacifier, baby wipes, etc.
  • Make more stops. Plan extra time for your trip. You’ll need to stop for diaper changes, feedings and fussy moments.

Traveling by Plane

  • Find the right flight. Book a direct flight when possible. If your baby does fall asleep, you won’t have to disrupt the nap for a layover.
  • Select a seat. Although most airlines typically allow infants to ride in your lap during a flight, the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) recommends that infants ride in properly secured safety seats. If it is not possible to purchase an extra ticket, select a flight that is likely to have empty seats where your child could ride buckled in a safety seat.
  • Arrive early. Plan extra time to pass through airport security. Baby formula, breast milk, and juice are permitted through security checkpoints. However, be prepared to have these liquids inspected. View Airport Security Wait Times.
  • Ease ear pressures. Give your baby a bottle or a pacifier when your plane takes off and lands. It will relieve the discomfort of changing air pressure in your baby’s ears.




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