I Am Working Out, But Not Losing Weight: 3 Common Gym Mistakes

You signed up for a new gym membership, and for once you’ve actually kept your resolution to drag yourself there a few times a week. So by now, all those sweat sessions should be paying off, right?

If your jeans aren’t any looser and your abs still look more like the laundry pile than the washboard, you’re probably falling prey to one (or more) of these common gym mistakes.

  • You’re inconsistent. Committing to a regular workout schedule isn’t easy, but hitting the gym hard just once a week won’t give you the results you want. You can’t expect to run on a treadmill for an hour and lift weights for 35 minutes just once a week and be fit. You have to schedule your gym time just like you schedule all other aspects of your life. Don’t tell yourself you’re going to hit the gym every day. Set realistic expectations, and then reward yourself if you overshoot the goal.
  • You have unrealistic expectations. Don’t be a slave to the scale, and don’t expect to see aesthetic results for the first month. If you’re training correctly and incorporating weights and cardio, you may actually see the scale go up at first because you’re adding lean muscle mass. So instead of vowing to lose 15 lbs., set a more concrete and attainable goal – such as participating in a breast cancer walk or running a half-marathon. You’ll slowly start to see your body change as you work to meet your goals.
  • You haven’t changed your diet. Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% fitness. If you aren’t eating properly, you won’t see results. So just because you sweat buckets during your kickboxing class doesn’t mean you go get a free-for-all at the local burger joint. And you definitely don’t need pre- and post-workout snacks coupled with an energy drink. Commit to one full week of counting the calories of everything you eat. Sounds like a chore but it works and educates you. Observe how much you are eating before you start your training regime, and be sure not to increase this amount. If you get hungry, drink more water or herbal tea.

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