3 Ways to Make Coffee Healthier

For most people, coffee is the fuel that jump-starts their day and everyone has their specific tastes when making the perfect cup.  Unfortunately, what typically makes your coffee great, such as sugar, whole milk, and flavored creamers, all pack a caloric punch that can hit you right in the waistline.  If you want to enjoy your morning coffee but want to avoid the guilt that comes with it, try these taste alternatives to liven up your cup.

So ‘No’ to Sugar

Two tablespoons of sugar contain 93 calories and 24g of carbohydrates, but even knowing that it is still tough to go without. If you must sweeten your coffee, try a bit of honey for less of a caloric impact and added antioxidants.

If a traditional sweetener is still preferred, Stevia is a natural product that is sweeter than sugar and won’t add any calories or carbohydrates to your java.

Skip the Whole Milk

Many people like their coffee creamy, but two tablespoons of whole milk has 19 calories, 1.6g of sugar, and 1g of fat (.6g saturated fat).  To obtain that all-important creaminess without the remorse, opt for skim milk to trim the fat and you will still reap the protein, calcium, and vitamin benefits that come with dairy products.

If it is the lactose that ails you, substitute the cow’s milk with almond, rice, or soy milk for a similar effect.

Spice it Up

Flavored creamers have become increasingly vast and increasingly popular, but two tablespoons of the leading flavored creamer can contain as many as 70 calories, 10g of sugar, and 5g of fat.  Those nutritional facts are a big hit to your daily values but if you still prefer your coffee to have a little bite, try various spices, such as cinnamon or unsweetened cocoa powder, for additional flavor and enjoy your joe regret-free along with the potential for a few added health benefits as well.

While the disadvantages of sugar, whole milk, and flavored creamers seem minimal on a per-cup basis, when considering a couple of cups of coffee per day over the course of a year it is easy to see how those empty calories, fats, and carbohydrates add up quickly.  Don’t be afraid to get creative with your options to find the right mix for your tastes so you can enjoy that perfect cup of coffee without guilt!

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