8 Ways to Work Out at Work

Finding time to exercise can be a challenge, especially if you work a 9 to 5 job. So why not work out at work? Here are eight ways to add exercise to your daily routine:

  1. Start with where you park. As long as it’s safe, park your car at the far end of the parking lot at work and continue on foot. If you use a parking garage, park on a lower level, climb the stairs to a higher level, and walk back down the ramp. If you ride the bus to work, get off a few blocks early and walk the rest of the way.
  2. Climb the corporate ladder. If you work in a building with more than one floor, you have a built-in office fitness center: the stairs. When you need to talk to a co-worker on another floor take the stairs instead of the elevator. Climbing stairs is an excellent office exercise to burn fat, tone muscle and get your heart pumping.
  3. Stand up for yourself. Standing burns more calories than sitting does. Stand while talking on the phone. Skip instant messaging and email, and instead walk to a co-worker’s desk for a face-to-face chat. 6 Ways to Stop ‘Sitting Disease.’
  4. Make yourself at home. Become familiar with the neighborhood around your workplace. During your lunch hour, stop at the drugstore or swing by the dry cleaner on foot instead of running these errands in your car on the weekend.
  5. Have a ball. Trade in your desk chair for a stability ball, as long as you’re able to safely balance on the ball. You’ll improve your balance and tone your core muscles, while sitting at your desk.
  6. Throw your weight around. Store resistance bands or small hand weights in your desk drawer or cabinet. Do arm curls between meetings or tasks. ‘Deskercise’ for the Office Bound.
  7. Join forces. Organize a lunchtime walking or group. Members can encourage and hold each other accountable for regular exercise.
  8. Walk and talk. When it’s practical, schedule walking meetings or walking brainstorming sessions.

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