9 Tips for Staying Safe at Home

According to the CDC, over a million people a year are seen in emergency departments as a result of falling. It’s important to create a safe environment at home to minimize the risk of falling and sustaining an injury.

  • Create clear, uncluttered pathways.
  • Remove throw rugs or install non-skid backing on them.
  • Move electrical cords out of walkways. Coil or tape cords next to walls to avoid having to walk over or around them.
  • Make sure handrails on stairs are sturdy. Install handrails on both sides if possible.
  • Rearrange items in your kitchen so that you can reach them easily.
  • Place a light near your bed where it is easy to reach.
  • Install lights on stairs and night lights in hallways.
  • Use grab bars in the tub or shower.
  • Put a non-stick mat or stick-on strips on the floor of the tub or shower.

Making these changes to your environment will help to reduce your risk of falling.

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