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What is the Difference between IBS and IBD?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are common gastrointestinal diseases that are sometimes confused. While their names sound similar and they...

6 Health Benefits of Beets

The food we commonly refer to as the “beet” is beetroot, the taproot portion of the beet plant. Enjoy the health benefits of beets...

Solar Eclipse Safety

For the first time in over 38 years, individuals living within the contiguous United States will have an opportunity to view a total solar...

Swimming for Exercise

An hour of moderate-pace swimming burns about 475 calories an hour (based on a person weighing 150 pounds). Want to burn more? Fire up...
Carey Dodds, MDvideo

The Importance of Well-Child Visit Schedules in Madisonville, Kentucky

Well-child visits are important for healthy children as they grow. Learn why it is important to schedule well-child visits from Baptist Health.