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Avoid Breathing Problems When It’s Hot

The 3 H's of summer - heat, haze and humidity - make it difficult for many folks to breath: the very young or old...
eat healthy at a restaurant

Quiz: Trying to Eat at a Restaurant, Healthfully

Do you know how to eat healthy at a restaurant? Put yourself to the test. True or false: If I’m eating out, I may as...

Early Signs of Dementia

Distinguishing between normal memory loss and symptoms of dementia can be challenging. Here are some of the more common symptoms that are...
Liver Function Hepatitis Awareness

Hepatitis Awareness

July 28th is world hepatitis awareness day. The word hepatitis is derived from the Latin prefix “hepa-,” meaning liver and the Greek suffix “-itis,”...

Urgent Care Treatment for Minor Illnesses

Urgent care doctor William McClure, MD discusses the services available in the Madisonville, KY urgent care clinic, which provides convenient care for minor illnesses and injuries.