Avoid Holiday Anxiety

Holiday anxiety can hit even the most festive people. Instead of letting your anxiety take hold this holiday season, use these techniques to have an anxiety-free and more enjoyable holiday:

  • Take care of your health. Pastries and cupcakes should not be the only components of your diet during the holidays. Too much sugar and a poor diet can only add to your anxiety. Throughout the holiday season, be sure to maintain a balanced diet and stay physically active. Exercise keeps you in a good mood and helps to tackle anxiety  and reduce stress. Yoga and meditation are especially helpful in keeping you clear-headed and calm.
  • Be selective about your social activities. Some of your anxiety may come from having too many social obligations. Remember that you are under no obligation to attend every dinner party or dinner you are invited to. It’s OK to be selective about your social activities and only commit to those that you actually want to attend.
  • Keep coping strategies handy. It’s good to have quick-fix strategies handy in case anxiety strikes. Learn deep breathing or meditation techniques to help you take better control of your thoughts and feelings. When you are feeling anxious, turn to the technique that works best for you to calm yourself down.
  • Take time for yourself. During the holidays, you may feel as though all of your obligations are to others, but you also have an obligation to take care of yourself. Take time when needed and don’t forget to engage in activities you enjoy.
  • Prepare for gatherings. Social gatherings can be a source of stress. Prepare for social gatherings by coming up with conversation topics that interest you. Find out who is on the guest list so you can determine of there’s someone you already know. When you know what to expect and feel prepared, your anxiety will be lessened.
  • Get anxiety treatment. While everyone undergoes some amount of anxiety during the holidays, if your anxiety is preventing you from fully enjoying your life and is interfering with your daily activities, talk to your doctor.

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