Benefits of Dry Needle Therapy

Baptist Health Madisonville: Benefits of Dry Needle Therapy

Physical therapist Scott Stevenson, PT, CHT, describes how dry needling works to break the pain process in patients with acute or chronic pain or injuries.

Benefits of Dry Needle Therapy Health Talks Transcript

Scott Stevenson, PT, CHT, Physical Therapy
A trigger point is an area in your muscle that tends to be irritated and sensitive. You can typically feel the band in that area, and the trigger point not only causes pain where it’s located, but can actually cause pain in a different site as well. Dry needling is a treatment technique that we use to help treat pain, to insert a thin solid needle into a muscle or tissue that is irritated to try to calm down pain and to promote healing. Anybody with acute or chronic pain, acute or chronic injuries, may benefit from dry needling.

Valerie Kuykendall, Madisonville, Kentucky
When I came in for my evaluation the first day for physical therapy, they told me immediately that I was a great candidate for dry needling. I had never heard of the dry needling before, and because it included needles, that scared me to death, so I was a little hesitant at first. The insertion of the needle was painless. I couldn’t feel that at all. But once that needle came in contact with that muscle that was injured, it felt like even more of a charley horse, and there was a twitching, and that twitching is what actually causes the muscle to reset itself, and that’s where you start to see relief.

Dry needling is actually just a part of a multimodal treatment philosophy, so it’s not just the only thing that we look at doing. Sometimes it’s the first thing we do because we think it’ll be the most appropriate and most helpful thing to start off with. Other times we try other treatments first and then, if it’s not working, then we try the dry needling. It’s part of the decision process that your physical therapist will make.

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