Advantages of an MRI Scan in Corbin, Kentucky

Baptist Health Corbin: Advantages of an MRI Scan

An MRI offers an in-depth view of tissues in the body and an improved accuracy to find abnormalities. Learn more about the advantages and benefits of MRI scans.

Advantages of an MRI Scan HealthTalks Transcript

Kevin Croce, MD, Diagnostic Radiology:

A patient would have an MRI in certain situations over having an X-ray or conventional CT scan because the MRI will offer a lot more information about the tissues in the body, what those tissues are doing, or what state those tissues are in.

For instance, MRI really offers improved accuracy and the ability to look for certain diseases of the brain. If there’s a stroke, and there’s damage to the brain tissue, we can see that within minutes to hours versus with a CT scan, we may not be able to see that information for days. It really helps us to identify problems very early on so we can treat the patient immediately and quickly.

Some patients aren’t able to receive a CAT scan or radiation — maybe a patient who’s pregnant, and there’s a concern that maybe that patient has appendicitis. It offers a lot of advantages over CAT scans and X-rays because of the lack of radiation the patient will receive during an MRI.

Having MRI at my disposal to be able to treat patients more conservatively, appropriately and concisely makes me feel great. I’m happy that I’m able to have this technology at my disposal to be able to help our clinicians who are ordering these studies and treating our patients in our community, to be able to diagnose problems early, and to be able to give patients the absolute best care that is available today, anywhere.