Monitoring for Heart Failure in Corbin, KY

Baptist Health Corbin: New Methods to Monitor Heart Failure

Heart monitoring and treatment can begin with lifestyle changes and a heart monitoring system. Learn about cardiovascular monitoring at Baptist Health Corbin.

Monitoring for Heart Failure in Corbin, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Shannon Perkins, MD, Internal Medicine:
Heart failure is when your heart does not have the ability to pump enough blood to supply oxygen to your body. We manage heart failure in the hospital and at home in similar ways. We start with educating our patients on healthy eating habits and trying to have them limit salt intake, which can cause swelling and worsening of heart failure. We have our patients weigh themselves every day. If they notice weight gain, let’s say 5 pounds over two days, then we have them take a diuretic to try to get some of the fluid off. If that doesn’t work, sometimes we have them come into the hospital so that we can do these interventions through an IV or other means.

Recently, we implemented the ReDS™ vest system into our heart failure treatment plan at Baptist Health Corbin. It is a simple device that is laid over your right shoulder. It gives us an estimate of the amount of fluid that is in your lungs. It allows me to see how much fluid is coming off in a more accurate way. Heart failure is like most illnesses, as long as you take your medicine, go to your doctor’s appointments, and keep your heart failure under control, there’s really no limitation to what you can do.

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