Mother and Baby Care in Corbin, Kentucky

Baptist Health Corbin: Mother and Baby Care

Baptist Health provides maternal and infant care during labor, delivery and recovery. Learn more about mother and baby healthcare from Baptist Health Corbin.

Mother and Baby Care in Corbin, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Carol Jordan:
At Baptist Health Corbin, on our Women and Children’s unit, we provide care for women and pediatric patients. This includes our GYN patients as well as postpartum patients.

LDR stands for labor, delivery and recovery, so that means when a patient comes in in labor, they’ll come in to our Labor and Delivery unit, and that’s where we will deliver their babies and then they will also go through their recovery period. During that period is when mom and babies will do kangaroo care, also known as skin to skin.

We offer free prenatal classes, and also we offer some free breastfeeding classes. These can be scheduled with our educator. The childbirth classes will take you through and prepare you for what you may experience during childbirth and labor. And then, our breastfeeding classes are a way to support you during the breastfeeding process and to get mom more comfortable with breastfeeding her baby.

In our nursery and NICU, we have volunteer cuddlers, and they interact with our premature babies as well as those who may be experiencing neonatal abstinence syndrome. Neonatal abstinence syndrome refers to infants who may be exposed to substances during pregnancy that they may be withdrawing from.

It feels great to be able to offer these services to our patients and our community, because as a mother I would love to be able to stay here at home where my baby is taken care of so close to home.

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