Orthopedic Care Specialists in Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Baptist Health Hardin: Orthopedic Care Close to Home

Our orthopedic care specialists help treat patients who need immediate care for acute injuries. Learn about Baptist Health’s orthopedic clinic in Elizabethtown.

Orthopedic Care Specialists HealthTalks Transcript

Stuart Blankenship, MD, Orthopedics:
Patients with an orthopedic injury, usually an acute case, would have one that happens from a specific injury. It really needs more immediate care, as opposed to a chronic injury ­— something that’s been there for longer.

Cody Bearden, MD, Orthopedics:
A lot of patients’ first encounter is at the ER or one of our urgent care facilities. They will get in touch with us directly. For the most part, you’re going to see one of us to further evaluate you one-on-one in the clinic and then figure out the next steps in your treatment and recovery.

Dr. Blankenship:
At the initial appointment, we really try to get a good history and examination of the patient to see what individual care we can provide to that specific patient. Sometimes the patient needs different anti-inflammatory medications, conservative treatments involving immobilizing the body part that’s been injured, and oftentimes all these things are done in conjunction with physical therapy or rehabilitation-type programs, which can be initiated to help the patient.

Dr. Bearden:
Our orthopedic team has a lot of experience and skill treating a broad range of orthopedic problems. I think we can take care of you and provide very high-level care right here in your hometown and in your community.

Dr. Blankenship:
I think the fact that here in Elizabethtown, we can provide specialized orthopedic care is so important for the community to feel comfortable, be close to home, and not have to travel great distances to get great care.

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