Hyperbaric Wound Care in New Albany, IN

Baptist Health Floyd: Hyperbaric Therapy for Wound Care

Learn more about Baptist Health Floyd’s hyperbaric wound care, an advanced oxygen therapy treatment that uses healing chambers for improved recovery.

Hyperbaric Wound Care in New Albany, IN, HealthTalks Transcript

Beatrix Slomiany, MD, Wound Care:
We generally encourage patients to come see us at the Wound Care Center if they have a wound that’s not gotten better in two to four weeks after it’s occurred or they noticed it. Wounds are very debilitating to people in their lives. They cause issues with social situations, issues with people seeing their families, issues with getting out, and getting around in the world. Being able to function well in the world is the primary goal of a lot of our patients when they get here. We do use a lot of advanced modalities to treat wounds here at the Wound Care Center.

In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you’re breathing 100% oxygen at pressure. What that does is increase the amount of oxygen in your blood. This helps to eliminate bacteria in the wound. This also encourages what we call blood vessel creation in the wound. By delivering more oxygen to the wound, this encourages the wound to heal. Having a wound care center at Baptist Health Floyd, centrally located in New Albany, lets patients from all over southern Indiana come here to receive care and participate in their care on a weekly and biweekly basis to make sure that they have good outcomes. Our patients really become our family. We really are invested in their care over time. Our goal here at the Wound Care Center is more of a wound healing center to get people back to their everyday lives.

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