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Are you having trouble sleeping? A lack of sleep can have an alarmingly negative effect on your health. Learn more about sleep apnea symptoms, causes of insomnia, and what measures you can take to identify sleep disorders.

Sleep Disorder Center HealthTalks Transcript

Joseph Seipel, MD
Sleep disorders are anything that rises from sleep that’s not typical or normal or affects the quality of sleep or the onset of sleep.

Classifications of sleep disorders — the first category is insomnias. The second major category is trouble breathing during sleep, obstructive sleep apnea, which is most common. Then there are abnormal movements during sleep or movement disorders, and parasomnias, which simply means abnormal activity that arises for sleep, and the common [ones] are sleepwalking and sleep talking.

The government funded a study of 20,000 patients. They have found that if you have mild to moderate sleep apnea, it doubles your risk for stroke and heart attack. To put that in perspective, it has about the same negative effect on health as smoking cigarettes.

If someone encourages you to have a sleep evaluation, you probably ought to listen to it, because you have no way of having any insight into what’s going on [when you are] sleeping. We see patients in the clinic. We monitor all the parameters to indicate what stage of sleep they’re in, their breathing, EKG, leg movements, oximetry. Once we can see you have sleep disorder breathing, then you can treat it.

The primary treatment for sleep apnea is a CPAP machine. I always like to compare a CPAP machine to a pair of glasses. Once you need it, you need it. You need a new prescription periodically, and if you keep it on your nose, it takes care of the job. You only need one reason to use your CPAP machine. The most usual is — I use my CPAP machine because I feel better.

The sleep center team at Baptist Health Floyd works together to provide the greatest level of care for every patient. The physicians are highly trained to help in the effective evaluation of your sleep issue and to make appropriate recommendations about managing and treating your diagnosed condition. Learn more by calling 812.949.5550 today to discuss personalized treatment options.

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