Robotic Spine Surgery in New Albany, IN

Baptist Health Floyd: Robotic Spine Surgery

Robot-assisted spine surgery increases the accuracy and efficiency of a typical procedure. Baptist Health Floyd offers robotic spine surgery in New Albany, IN.

Robotic Spine Surgery in New Albany, IN HealthTalks Transcript

John Serak, MD, Neurosurgery:

The robot that we are using at Floyd is the most current model and the height of technology. It makes me much more efficient in the OR, and it also makes me more accurate. The robot is used in some cases where there’s instability within the spine. We use screws and rods to hold everything in place. The Globus robot is used to place these screws very precisely into very specific areas in the spine. This can certainly be done without a robot, but the robot does increase accuracy, efficiency, and placement of the screws and rods. 

The robot also makes it possible to perform things in a less invasive way. By less invasive, I mean we’re able to preserve the muscle that surrounds the spine, rather than tearing the muscle down. The robot assists me in doing that. It tends to decrease the amount of time somebody needs to spend in the hospital. It also speeds up recovery so you can get back to normal life faster. 

Having this technology in the community that [Baptist Health] Floyd serves means I’m able to handle any spine operation that could be required. The robot certainly assists me and allows me to really expand what I’m able to do. The robot and my skills as a fellowship-trained spine surgeon mean there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

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