Precancerous Skin Lesion Diagnosis for Patients in Elizabethtown, KY

Baptist Health Hardin: Precancerous Skin Lesion Diagnosis for Patients

Baptist Health Hardin provides skin lesions and skin cancer screenings for Elizabethtown, KY patients. Learn more about skin cancer diagnosis at Baptist Health.

Precancerous Skin Lesion Diagnosis for Patients in Elizabethtown, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Tathyana Fensterer, MD, PhD, Reconstructive Surgery:
Everyone is at risk of having skin cancer, but if someone has a light skin tone, they are at higher risk. It’s important to check for skin lesions very early. Lesions are any skin abnormality that can be elevated or can itch or can become darker.

Skin lesions, if they’re suspicious to be cancer, can be removed with a shave biopsy or also direct excision of the lesion. In that case, we will take the patient to a surgical suite under local anesthesia, excise, and close. Once the lesion has been biopsied and the pathology comes back, they will be sent to us. Once the patient comes to this practice, I’m going to evaluate if the lesion can be closed primarily, or if it needs further reconstruction, such as skin grafts or flaps.

The majority of skin cancers are not bad. We can just treat with skin excisions or some creams. Some skin cancers, like squamous cell carcinomas or melanomas, can spread to your lungs, brain, and other parts of the body, and they need to be diagnosed early. That’s why it’s important that, if the patient has a concern, they should have it looked at.

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