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Baptist Health Hardin: Vascular Heart Disease Treatment Options

For vascular heart disease treatment, Baptist Health Hardin starts with the most effective, least invasive approach. Learn about vascular disease treatment options.

Vascular Heart Disease Treatment Options in Elizabethtown, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Patricio Rosa, MD, Vascular Surgery:
The vascular system has to do with blood flow to the extremities — the hands, feet and brain. It has to do with the carotid arteries, which give blood flow to the brain. Any patient who has known heart disease could potentially have peripheral vascular disease. Any patient who has difficulty walking, has pain in the extremities at night, or who thinks that they may have had a stroke, had a known stroke or a ministroke, should definitely see a vascular surgeon.

The first line of treatment is medical. We encourage them to quit smoking. We encourage them to be as active as possible. There are medications that may help improve the circulation to the extremities. If that does not work well, then we try an endovascular approach. An endovascular approach is where a minimally invasive approach is done. We can shoot dye into the arteries and see where the blockage is and try to open it up with an angioplasty or a stent. If that doesn’t work, then sometimes we have to do a bypass to the extremities. 

It’s a stepwise program. We do the most-effective, least-invasive approach first, and increase as needed. 

It is a fantastic thing that patients can have service right here. They don’t have to travel 40 miles or anywhere else to get care. They can get care right here. Any patient who comes to us, we can take care of right here.

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