The Importance of Blood Donation in Madisonville

Baptist Health Madisonville: The Importance of Blood Donation

Baptist Health relies on the generosity of blood donors to provide the resources to save lives. It is easy to become a blood donor through making an appointment or visiting the hospital during the walk-in hours at Baptist Health Madisonville.

The Importance of Blood Donation HealthTalks Transcript

Karen Beadnell, MLT, ASCP
Baptist Health has a blood donor program here at Madisonville. It was started in 1961. We accept donors here at the hospital, and we also do a mobile blood drive. We are out about two times a week, here at the hospital from 7:30 to about 4:30. We accept donors as walk-ins, or they can also make appointments. It typically takes about 45 minutes from start to finish.

Christine Rolley, Greenville, Kentucky
I have a blood disorder, hereditary spherocytosis, and the red blood cells go into my spleen, they eat them. Once I got pregnant, it had gotten a little worse. My blood count went down significantly. The baby was losing blood. I was losing blood. So, I had to get admitted. I got three units of blood, and for about a week, I got about two more.

It’s important for the community. It’s a sense of togetherness, plus the people in the community donate here at the hospital. The blood is kept here, it’s used here. In this way, we have a ready, accessible supply of blood. There’s not a chance of having to postpone a surgery or a procedure.

I’m just eternally grateful. People donated blood, and it saved my baby’s life.

It’s a sense of accomplishment. They had the opportunity to save up to three people’s lives by donating blood.

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